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About draws

​Hello, I've been betting only draws for about a year now.
The system I use is a accumulator where I have to get two wins
out of three games correct or two games out of four right.
I have been having a good return with these bets. When I'm looking
for draws I check stat pages and other prediction pages,
just shopping around to find that draw. The thing about draws
is that the odds are usually quit good. The games I like to bet
on are mainly league games from Europe, North and South America.

It's true when they say it makes the game more interesting when
you have something on it!

I occasionally play  cup games.

All games start with a draw so you've almost won before the
game has started!! Ha.
Anyway good luck and find those draws!

Some systems to find out about are the Fioncci and d'alembert.


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